Entertainment that transforms

Enabling a Big Shift

Together, we design and deliver
powerful messages driven by:

Brands in motion – Transformative
experiences – Culture shifts

This is accomplished by designing, creating and mobilizing dynamic messages placed on physical surfaces that are traditionally occupied by static ads.

Real promotion of health, well-being and love can be achieved by brands through campaigns that harness the power of social contagion, repurpose and enhance existing assets, and build on the best knowledge from science, philosophy and psychology.

Brands can enhance the essential life abilities of one’s life: Health, well-being and love.

Health is the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of social, physical and emotional challenges

Wellbeing is the ability to judge that your life is going, or is well.

Love is the ability to wish good, do good, see good and feel good.

The content is designed to invite people to engage in a meaningful dialogue and, to explore and reflect upon different aspects of their lives, based on their own values, preferences and circumstances.

Campaigns guided by surprising and powerful messages that manifest through memorable situations in people’s daily lives.

New musical compositions or dances with messages that promote meaning and purpose, while strengthening the health of the brand.

Curation of large musical and sporting events that generate deep, positive and lasting emotional responses associated with the brand.

To enter into the world of virtual reality requires an immense responsibility that we have decided to take on. Our curatorship specializes in identifying responsible content that does not separate us from reality. We produce communication that allows us to let our minds soar, while our hearts stay on the ground to keep connecting with humanity.